Cub Talk: What We Need To Do

The brand new season is here and so are the hopes that the chicago cubs win the world series. We had a great season last year, 97 victories 1rst place in the central for the second straight year. But it is what we did in the playoffs for the second straight year that caused the Boo’s, a sweep. Three games, 6 runs, three losses, hope and talent is the theme. Our hope, the Cubs talent. It is Jackie Robinson Day, the cubs are currently losing 4-0 to the Rockies in the forth, but everyone knows, the game is never over for the cubs.

Our team is upgraded, even if it doesnt seem like it has affected our team so far. Milton Bradley so far has 1 hit in his season, but why panic? Didn’t Soriano have a slow 2007 start? He sure did and look at him now.

We need to be ready for big series, ready to hit, ready to pitch. It is the top of the 7th now,    4-1 rockies. this game is like our season, we score and we are still down. We win 97 games but still get swept.

Sweet Lou has done a wonderfull job so far here in chicago, one could not and should not argue with that, but that 0-6 postseason is all that one ponders at.

So far this season it already shows that the fans are tired of waiting. Kevin Gregg is already being questioned of being the closer, Carlos Marmol is a great pitcher but why question our manager? He knows what he is doing.

Two on, no outs top of the 7th. in this season we will find jams, we will find jams while we our good and while we are in 4-1 ball games down. It is what we do in those jams that decide the outcome of the game.

The double play we recieved to help us get out of the inning is what we need this season, to help us get out of those jams and know that we shall never give up. we need to focus on all taht is thrown in our way this season, a key to the lock in the postseason.

Bottom of the 7th- 4-1 rockies, the game is close but the cubs need a comeback.

in the end of the game the cubs lost 5-1, but hey you cant win them all. If the cubs go into this season with that attitude and with their skill they shoud win alot of games. If we go to the playoffs again we need to remember the best teams get to the playoffs and the hottest teams win it all- quote from many world series winners.





Is This Finally The Year?

I have been watching the cubs for 10 years now. In those 10 years we have made it to the postseason. 1998 2003 2007 and now hopefully 2008. Whenever the cubs made it though, they finished dissapointingly. In 2003 our team looked like the best, with Prior and Wood healthy we were the team to beat. Everyone knows how that season ended so i’ll talk about 2007.     

Entering The 2007 season we looked to be great. We hired Sweet Lou Pinella and picked up some great free agents, making the playoffs was great but we knew that we had a big task ahead of us when we were to face the Arizona Dimondbacks, the team with the best record in the National League. We still were a great team but our offence gave us a scare. It got shut down in the quick 3 game sweep and we had another year with no world series win. This season we look even better. With players like Kosuke Fukudome and Jim Edmonds are team finally looks complete. Players like Mark derosa and Ryan theriot are having good years and Rookie Geovani Soto may be having the best. But even though we lead our division by a good amount of games and the season is winding down to the very last month you have to think, will this be the year?                                                                                                                     

Jim Edmonds was asked that question and he stated the best answer that you can recieve”You have to wait for the playoffs to know. another team can get really hot and if we don’t play in the playoffs like we did this season then we might not win”. He is exactly right, last year we played good ball, but the diamond backs played better and our bad october lost it for us. All i hope is that we learned from last year and maybe the cure is just getting to the playoffs two years in a row, something we haven’t done since 1907-1908, the only world series years that we have. If the cubs have a good October with everyone contributing like they are this season then watch out, we will once again be the team to beat.